Wingu | VPN As A Service
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Firewall as a Service is a firewall delivered as a cloud-based service that allows you to partially or fully move security inspection to a cloud infrastructure. Compared to traditional firewalls, Firewall-as-service improves scalability, provides a unified security policy, improves visibility, and simplifies management.  These features allow you to spend less time on repetitive tasks such as patching and upgrades and provides the responsive scalability to fast-changing business requirements. Firewall-as-a-service in Wingu provides the necessary resources to perform complete security processing on all traffic, as opposed to physical appliances. IT staff also no longer need be concerned about capacity planning when upgrading security appliances. This elastic capacity allows for the rapid deployment of additional sites and changes in bandwidth requirements.

Instead of wasting cycles on sizing, deploying, patching, upgrading and configuring numerous edge devices, work can now shift to delivering true security value to the business through early detection and fast mitigation of true risk.