Wingu | Virtual Compute
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Virtual Compute capacity is one of the prime drivers in cloud technology. As an alternative to buying physical servers which you have to wait weeks to; get, manually configure, plug into infrastructure, provide network access and so on, there is a big advantage to deploying virtual servers in the cloud.

You can instantly get the infrastructure that you need. For example, if you need a server with 64 Gigabyte of RAM on 8 virtual CPUs, you can have it running within minutes instead of waiting weeks. Virtual servers deliver the operating system of your choice, enabling you to install and run the applications you need.

Key abilities of virtual servers include:

  • Assigning a public IP address for customers to connect to.
  • Security rules per server for secured access to and from the server
  • Access to fast Internet services
  • The ability to resize servers “on the fly”
  • Attach any extra size of storage you need.
  • Snapshot your virtual server for “point in time” restores
  • Secure authentication using key based systems
  • Access the server console in the cloud dashboard
  • Tools for automated server services.

Benefits of running virtual servers include the speed and low cost with which compute resources can be delivered. Virtual servers are only charged for the time that they are in a running state.