OpenStack. Delivered.

On-premise OpenStack for mission critical workloads. Introducing WinguPod™.

The business world of today is a place of intense competition. In a paradigm shift, many brick-and-mortar companies now face increased competition from online companies. To thrive in this new business environment companies need to transform Information Technology (IT) in their businesses. In order to remain relevant and competitive, IT must transform to deliver mobile and online applications that securely delivers self-service, on-demand capability to customers. To achieve this, software engineering departments must look at their businesses through the eyes of their customers. In order to quickly react to customer demands, business needs and IT strategy and technology platform that is highly adaptable. It needs to be cost effective, agile and flexible.

OpenStack provides an open and flexible framework that organisations can use as the underlying technology that drives business transformation from a rigid design to a software-defined, on demand, self service platform. This platform supports the business operations and software development efforts.

OpenStack delivers a platform for rapid development, testing and deployment of mission critical and web scale business applications. Access to self service, on demand resources provide business the freedom to innovate. The ability to automate IT operations delivers agility and efficient capacity planning and control.

The global OpenStack community provides the maintenance, support and extended capabilities that business expects for their mission critical IT environments. The open API’s and extensive driver support for almost all major IT vendors avoids vendor lock-in and affords business the opportunity to move workloads between on-premise and public clouds. As an open platform, business can contribute code and requirements to the larger OpenStack community.

The WinguPod™ on-premise OpenStack platform delivers a high-performance, scalable, open, extensible and vendor supported private cloud solution. Uniform API’s ensures compatibility with OpenStack powered clouds such as Wingu or other well-known public clouds. Superior performance is guaranteed with an all flash storage architecture powered using the latest generation Intel Xeon™ processors. Fast network paths are provided via an all 10 Gbps network design with multiple ports per node. The WinguPod™ platform can easily be extended with products and service from the larger OpenStack community.

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WinguPod™ use cases

Enterprise Applications

Powers business agility and a faster pace of innovation. Improve the confidence of moving line-of-business applications from development to production

Big Data

Rapid and dynamic provisioning of clusters to researchers. Dynamically change the roles of nodes, providing elasticity. Ability to scale as users and data grows.

Digital Media Workflow

Instant on capability. Cost control capability via granular utilization. Provide compute and storage with geographical proximity.


Enable developers to rapidly build and deploy new applications. Ensures that IT costs per transactions goes down with scale through the use of commodity hardware, scale-out architecture and simplified management. Increased application resiliency. Open source benefits, such as open API’s and the ability to influence a vibrant community.

High Performance Computing

Grow you IT resources within a fixed budget. Enables the move from a fully custom environment to a more standardized one. Enables the ability to expand capacity using other research organisations’s and public cloud resources using common API’s and federated identity.


Use existing app technology and benefit from cloud methodologies at the same time. Infrastructure provisioning times slashed from months to minutes. Cost reductions through improved efficiencies. Start the transition to cloud aware applications by porting to OpenStack. Avoid vendor lock-in through open-source technologies.

Research & Development

Allows researchers to rapidly share innovative new applications with their colleagues. Researchers can use a general purpose cloud, rather than a more expensive custom High Performance Compute cloud.

Network Provisioning

Network provisioning time reduced from weeks to minutes via self service. Significant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership by converting expensive networking hardware into software functions.

Web Services

Fast and agile infrastructures reduces time-to-deployment. Enables DevOps practises through agility and Software Defined Networking practices.