Cloud computing in Africa, for Africa.

Welcome to Wingu

Wingu is a South African Public Cloud company. We offer Infrastructure-as-a-Service powered using our OpenStack platform. The virtual datacentre capability we provide puts these services in your hands, 24x7x365. Our services are delivered from South Africa, with all data stored within the South African borders. As a local company, we provide support from South Africa, and charge all our services on a consumption basis in fixed local currency. Our pricing does not change due to currency valuation fluctuations.

Ubuntu Certified

Wingu is an Ubuntu Certified public cloud, powered using OpenStack technology. We deliver Ubuntu cloud images for a number of Ubuntu system variants. The Wingu systems is in its second generation and is currently built on the OpenStack Mitaka release.

Cloud Automation

We pride ourselves on the level of automation that we bring to local cloud computing. You can sign-up for an account on our platform and will be ready to go in minutes. Look at the "how to" guides under the support link for help with signing up. Our online billing system help you manage your resource limits and spending. You can view your unbilled charges at any point, and pay your invoices using our system. Our system has publicly accessible API's, allowing you to connect a vast range of applications and code to our platform, driving system level automation.

Payment Gateway

To give you the most flexibility with payments, we use a payment provider that supports direct electronic fund transfers, credit cards, debit cards and Bitcoin.


For information about how to use our cloud platform, please check out our tutorials page. There you'll find quick guides and how to videos to accomplish everyday tasks using Wingu. If you need in-depth technical information about our OpenStack Mitaka platform, please have a look at the OpenStack project Mitaka documentation repository ( If you get stuck or have other technical issues, feel free to log a support call with us