Cloud computing in Africa, for Africa.

Welcome to Wingu! We are a South African company that delivers Public Cloud virtual datacentre technology.

Wingu is an Ubuntu Certified Public cloud, delivering Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) on an OpenStack Mitaka powered platform. Our platform is hosted in South Africa, so all your data is stored locally, and you can reach our platform with low service latency.

We pride ourselves on the level of automation that we bring to local cloud computing. You can sign-up for an account on our platform and will be ready to go as soon as your account is approved. Look at the "how to" guides under the support link for help with signing up.

Our online billing system help you manage your resource limits and spending. You can view your unbilled charges at any point, and pay your invoices using our system.

We love giving our customers choice. Thus, you can pay us using credit cards, instant electronic fund transfers or even Bitcoin. All payments are processed using our payment partner, PayFast.

For more information, please check out our tutorials page. If you get stuck or have other technical issues, feel free to log a support call with us.