Welcome to Wingu!

Ubuntu certified cloud partner

Welcome to Wingu! We are a South African company that aims to make cost effective, automated cloud provisioning a reality. It is a great pleasure for us to share the fruit of all our hard work with you. Our cloud platform is now live for you to work and play with. We honestly cannot wait to see what great applications and services you'll be running on our platform!

If you are chomping at the bit to get going, do not let us hold you back. Head over to our sign up page and use the promo code "cloudlaunch" when signing up for your account. This will give you R 500 of credit on our platform, enough to run a small Linux or Windows server for at least two weeks.

Most people are very curious about our platform, so let's share some details. We are proud to operate the first Ubuntu Certified Public Cloud in Africa. What does that mean for you as a customer? In short, you can trust our technology and design, as it is backed by one of the biggest players in this space. Our Ubuntu OpenStack powered platform is backed with support from not only our own team, but also the team at Canonical, the custodians of the huge Ubuntu Linux brand. This means that we have access to all the skills and resources to not only deal with issues, but that we also use these resources to expand and improve the feature set and technology of our platform. 

A great cloud platform requires a great networking platform. Our platform is hosted an a vendor neutral datacenter, where we also have our platform connected to the fast NAPAfrica open peering point. This means that you will have lightning quick access into our platform from most of the major Internet Service providers. A full list of peering partners can be found here on the NAPAfrica site. Not only are we peered on NAPAfrica, but we also have multiple direct upstream providers, providing us with fast Internet access. All of this is connected to our carrier grade network infrastructure. We deliver 20 Gbps from each compute and storage node, with 80 Gbps of speed between our data racks. You'll be glad to hear that we run one of the first public cloud platforms in Africa built on a very fast, flexible Software Defined Network platform. Not only does this give us superior provisioning speed, but you'll see us use this platform to deliver advanced Network Function Virtualization. No more buying tin, we provision and deploy functions like routers and firewalls in seconds.

You'll notice that we spin up your servers and services lightning quick. That is the benefit of Solid State Drive backed compute nodes. We take storing your data very seriously. Our advanced Software Defined Storage technology takes your data, breaks it apart into pieces, makes another two copies of your data and then distributes it across our storage cluster. This means we have 3 copies of your data distrubuted across our storage nodes and drives. Not only does this platform mean that we keep your data safe, but that we'll keep it available while we deal with issues such as drive failure.

We pride ourselves on the level of automation that we bring to local cloud computing. You can sign-up for an account on our platform in less than 2 minutes. Feel like trying it? Use the guide we published here and then point your browser to our sign-up page here. Once done, log in to our easy-to-use cloud dashboard, and use one of our guides to create your first Linux server. Our online billing system help you manage your resource limits and spending. You can view your unbilled charges at any point, and pay your invoices using our system. 

We love giving our customers choice. Thus, you can pay us using credit cards, instant electronic fund transfers or even Bitcoin. All payments are processed using our payment partner, PayFast.

For more information, please check out our tutorials page. If you get stuck or have other technical issues, feel free to log a support call with us. Lastly, we deliver as pure an OpenStack experience as possible. While we add more content, we cannot beat what is provided by the OpenStack Foundation. They have an excellent documentation site where you can find admin guides and articles related to OpenStack Juno, our currently deployed version.

Now, how is that for a day in the office?