Wingu | Welcome to Wingu
Welcome to Wingu, a Public Cloud IaaS provider powered by openstack.
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Virtual Networking

Virtual networking is the glue that holds cloud virtual infrastructure together. It provides the connectivity services needed to run your virtual infrastructure. Virtual networking in Wingu enables customers to deploy networks, subnets, routers, load balancers, security groups and floating IP addresses. The networking technology in Wingu supplies these advanced networking features with “click of a button” ease.

Virtual Servers

Virtual Compute capacity is one of the prime drivers in cloud technology. As an alternative to buying physical servers which you have to wait weeks to get, manually configure, plug into infrastructure, provide network access and so on, there is a big advantage to deploying virtual servers in the cloud.

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Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is one of the key elements of cloud computing. Cloud storage is available in two different ways: Server attached block storage and Server-less object storage. Block storage is the storage made available to virtual servers. Customer run operating systems, applications and stores data on this drive. Block storage is the C-drive for your server.

Wingu Private Cloud

The WinguPrivate Cloud on-premise OpenStack platform delivers a high-performance, scalable, open, extensible and vendor supported private cloud solution. Uniform API’s ensures compatibility with OpenStack powered clouds such as Wingu or other well-known public clouds.